SR-2M Veresk Airsoft SMG

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In order to be optimal in close combat situations, our SR2M Veresk airsoft combined with good Russian tactical equipment will make your opponents agree!

About the SR-2M Veresk

The SR2M veresk is a classical Russian submachine gun, made for close combat to 200m distance. It’s the most used weapon with Spetsnaz operators working with heavy assault shield “VANT-VM”. The creative project of a new submachine gun able to fire 9x21mm bullets began in 1993, that’s why the SR2M gun was created in 1999 year officially. Its reputation is simple : it’s a devastating short and handling weapon. The SR2M gun is excellent for assault operations of Russian special forces in close environments.

Our SR2M airsoft

Manufactured with great care for precision, our SR2M airsoft is to date the one and only model available worldwide. It is thanks to a high level of workmanship and a high-quality finish that we can offer you this life-size model. This SR2M Veresk airsoft is mounted in a solid, high-strength steel body. It is one of the most reliable airsoft gun you can see here, and we also guarantee a good handling of your replica in the field thanks to its low weight. It’s the use of pure steel that allows us to build lightweight replicas so close to the real ones, which are well-balanced and are pleasant to use in the field. We have at our disposal many Russian firearms, and this is a big advantage to reproduce our models as faithfully as possible on a 1:1 scale. You will also find all the markings faithful to the real model on your SR2 SMG : unique serial number (also handy for our customer service!), laser inscriptions, features copied from military models, etc…
Moreover, our gearboxes are already reinforced and do not need to be changed at the box exit: each of the SR2M NPO AEG leaving the factory is systematically tested before leaving the motherland!

Below you will find all technical information about our reproduction of the Russian SR2 Veresk.

Global Features

  • Lenght : 380mm folded stock / 625mm total
  • Weight : 2000g
  • Material : Steel / Polyamide
  • Original phosphate coating for weapons
  • Fire Modes : Semi auto / Automatic
  • Hop up : Adjustable
  • Magazine Capacity : 90 shots

Internal Features

  • Energy : Electrical
  • Gearbox : AEP type modified (compatible with classical AEP parts)
  • Spring power : 235 fps (with 0.2g)
  • Inner Barrel : 190mm * 6.02
  • Hop-up unit : AK type
  • Battery (not included) : Installation under the top cover – 7.4v – Dean connector – 102 x 12 x 19mm

It is thanks to meticulous manual work that we assemble all our Russian replica weapons. Thus each customer receives a model that differs from the others only by its welds, its markings or its unique serial number. All our airsoft replicas are guaranteed for life. Should an external part of your future replica fail, please send us an e-mail with the serial number of your replica. We will answer you as soon as possible to find a solution!

Weight 3000 g

100m/s – 330fps – 1J | with 0.20g BBs


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  • General rule: airsoft replicas are shipped from France. Customers from the European Union do not have to worry about different import taxes.
  • Import laws: We can deliver anywhere in the world, if your country's laws allow you to import an airsoft replica. Please check the laws applicable in your country to avoid any confusion.
  • Shipping to UK: Customers from the United Kingdom are kindly requested to provide their UKARA number for shipping. You can add it directly in the comments of your order, otherwise we'll contact you.
  • Shipping to USA: Airsoft replicas are fitted with an orange barrel tip to comply with current legislation. Please check any information concerning the import of airsoft replicas in your region, as some areas are not airsoft friendly.

  • This airsoft replica is covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  • The warranty period is 2 years for all original Russian parts, i.e. all external parts.
  • After the 2-year warranty period, our customers still receive repair services or spare parts at minimum cost.
  • The warranty is applied according to your unique serial number, engraved on the airsoft rifle.
  • To activate your warranty, please contact us by email and we'll do what's necessary to help you by repairing your airsoft replica in our workshop, or by supplying you with the replacement part

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