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Our story in a few lines

Take the realism of your airsoft games to the next level and proudly wear your colors in the field with NPO AEG. More than just replicas, our models are a real working tool for Russian special forces units that want to train better in CQB.

Initially produced in very limited series, several models from our catalog were used for the Russian FSB special forces training. It is with extreme precision that we put our know-how at the service of the airsoft community around the world.

Our Russian airsoft replicas qre made of steel by the sweat of our brow. For an outstanding experience on your favorite airsoft field, our replicas are one of the best in the world that you you always find.

Russian airsoft guns

Player feedbacks

"Awesome looking replica. The 500fps spring version is very acurate. No problem with mounting an original PSO scope. I recomend it for everyone."
VSK 94 Review
VSK-94 Sniper RIfle
"Awesome looking and feeling replica. It performs great with the 500fps spring and is very accurate. Delivery to sweden took a while (probably because of covid) , but it was worth the wait!"
Vintorez Review
VSS Vintorez Sniper Rifle
"The rifle is everything I ever hoped it to be: it looks amazing, feels good in the hands and it works really well.  Overall very satisfied with my purchase!"
AS VAL Review
AS VAL Rifle
"I’m really happy with that purchase, all elements are made of excellent quality materials. I have to admit that model is really the best I ever played with and performances are excellent : expect to hit a target at 70 meters away with the 450 fps spring (which is more like 440fps by the way). My teammates are pretty jealous and want it too now"
VSSM Review
VSS-M Sniper Rifle

Taking airsoft to the next level

We offer you only the best

In order to expand the range of our products, the company is constantly developing new samples.
The development and introduction into production of new models of electro-pneumatic weapons is carried out by our designers in close collaboration with law enforcement agencies, as well as with the use of real prototypes, which makes it very easy to reproduce and manufacture the products.
Our products are developed using modern software.
The parts are manufactured on modern CNC machining equipment.

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