Russian patch “FSB”



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  • Velcro back for easy, secure attachment
  • Ideal for quick identification of units in the field
  • Perfect for addition to military uniforms or tactical equipment
  • Handmade manufacturing style
  • Material: Embroidered

Show Your Allegiance with the Russian FSB Patch

Display your loyalty and respect for Russia with the Russian FSB Patch. This emblematic patch features the letters “FSB” in bold, showcasing your connection to the Federal Security Service. Wear it proudly to express your support for the agency’s vital work in safeguarding the nation.


FSB Back "Alpha", FSB Back Classic, FSB Back Reflective Black on Multicam, FSB Back Reflective Yellow on Black, FSB Classic, FSB Reflective Black on Multicam, FSB Reflective Yellow on Black, STP Reflective Black on Multicam, STP Reflective Yellow on Black


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